places that
bring us together

Our teams tap into the world’s best practices to create iconic properties.
They do this in pursuit of environments where all generations may thrive.


A history defined
by a vision

Carbonleo started in 2012. Its innovative iconic real estate projects
have been defining connected living ever since.

The company develops and manages top-tier properties, never failing
to prioritize community every square foot of the way.

Among its charges, looking after and growing Quartier DIX30.
It is also the brainchild behind Four Seasons Montreal’s
18 upscale residences, on which it partnered with renowned
architects and designers. And now Royalmount, the groundbreaking
carbon-neutral mixed-use development that is reshaping the Montreal
and Canadian real estate landscape.

Over 160 specialists call Carbonleo home.
The company is headquartered in Mont-Royal.